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Vara Brut, N. M
Crisp and dry, a perfect Brut (New Mexico)
Bottle: 45

Centorri Moscato
Semi sweet, bubbly, flower blossoms (Italy)
Glass: 9  / Bottle: 34


La Nevera White (House)
Dry and focused on the palate, with savory and herbal notes (Spain)
Glass: 6

Riff Pinot Grigio
Dry, lemony, and light (Italy)
Glass: 9  / Bottle: 29

Tattoo Girl Riesling
Off dry, with citrus and stone fruit notes (Washington)
Glass: 9  / Bottle: 27

In Situ Sauvignon Blanc
Dry, lovely herbal complexity (Chile)
Glass: 7  / Bottle: 24

Alias Chardonnay
Aromas of subtle vanilla, & hazelnut (California)
Glass: 9  / Bottle: 29


Fossil Point Rose
Dry, but reminiscent of strawberries (California)
Glass: 10  / Bottle: 36


La Nevera Red (House)
Light, easy drinking Spanish blend of Garnacha and Tempranillo (Spain)
Glass: 6

Hangtime Pinot Noir
Classic Pinot Noir character, medium bodied (California)
Glass: 9  / Bottle: 34

Manon TempranilIo
Excellent example of the Spanish grape
Glass: 9  / Bottle: 34

Tortoise Creek Merlot
Aromas of black cherries, spices, herbs (California)
Glass: 9  / Bottle: 34

Bodini Malbec
Dark berries, black pepper, oak (Argentina)
Glass: 9  / Bottle: 34

Cartlidge & Browne
Plum and black currant with light oak (California)
Glass: 10  / Bottle: 34

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